Public Speaking Anxiety
& Social Anxiety Courses

Dr. Cheryl Mathews
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)
Author and Coach

Dr. Cheryl Mathews, Your Guide

nervous in these


asking a question in a meeting, expressing your opinion in a group, talking in group discussions, being put "on the spot"

 introducing yourself, pitching your ideas, one-on-one conversations, speaking to authority figures such as your boss, dating

interviewing, networking, talking to strangers, performing in front of an audience, and giving speeches and presentations

You get the idea—it's all those situations where you have to speak or perform in front of others. When you’re overly afraid of these situations, it can stop you from developing relationships, graduating from school, getting a job, advancing your career, and achieving your goals. You can't do the things you want to do. Your quality of life goes down.

The fact is, public speaking anxiety and social anxiety have the same root cause. This program is designed to help you overcome both social anxiety and public speaking anxiety.

Here's what

I'll show you

A 2-step

The trick your nervous system plays

The 2-stages
of fear

How you can
take control

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