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Cheryl · June 14, 2022

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This course is high level. It helps to develop the thought that we are all capable of expressing thoughts freely, and to enjoy every meeting we attend. It provides valuable tools to start overcoming fear and anxiety. Together with the course, I took coaching sessions with Dr. Mathews, which could have not been more useful as this helped me to increase my self esteem, and to develop the thought that I am capable of communicating ideas easily and with no fear. I would recommend not only this course, but also the coaching sessions as they give the opportunity to practice public speaking with a very committed and well-experienced professional.

This course will give you a fundamental understanding of what's happening in your mind and body and how to begin to overcome it. Some of these concepts had never occurred to me in a clear and scientific form – they were just feelings of fear that I didn't understand. I highly recommend this course to anyone that experiences anxiety, stress, or panic in a public speaking or presentation scenario.

Dr. Mathews helped me speak successfully to 400 people. I would have never dreamed I could do that.

The Master Your Public Speaking Fear course is masterful. Dr. Cheryl Mathews does an excellent job of talking directly to the fears and concerns that all of us have when speaking in public. Better yet, Dr. Mathews easy-to-understand explanations and diagrams will help you understand what made you anxious in the past, and how to successfully move forward to a better tomorrow. Enrolling in the Master Your Public Speaking Fear course is an excellent personal and professional investment. I’m going to put what I learned in this course to good use, and I’m sure that you will also.

I just completed the course. It's awesome! It's easy to follow and has extremely broad applicability to all fearful situations.

The “Master Your Public Speaking Fear” course is a terrific place to start toward conquering, what for many, can be career-limiting anxiety. My team supports leadership development for Patagonia, so I’m always on the look out for solutions that can help leaders as they pass through key career milestones. For example, the first time they manage an especially large team or the first time they present to our senior leadership. It’s not uncommon for these leaders to exhibit higher than normal levels of anxiety in these new speaking situations. This course can be a great place to start and can be used as a supplement to more extensive coaching engagements.

The course is well-researched and professional. It’s communicated clearly, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to managers, executives or anyone with performance or public speaking anxiety.

There are many skilled and talented people in the workforce who do not reach the level and recognition they could reach, due to confidence problems and fear when speaking in public. The course “master your public speaking fear” has what all individuals with public speaking issues will find attractive. Navigation of the course is straightforward. Signing up is fast and easy and people can start whenever they have time. A very strong feature is the assessment which enables the participant to identify which situation causes most fear and the extent of the symptoms experienced. The course is interactive and there is direct feedback on the exercises. The root problem of the fear is very well explained with visuals illustrated with examples. The participant will feel empowered by knowing what is contributing to their fear. Solutions are provided and the message is clear: Practice, practice and practice.

 by Dr. Bonnie Prizio, DMIN, LMHC on Master Your Public Speaking Fear - Online Course

As a licensed mental health counselor, I work with many folks who deal with social anxiety and other anxiety disorders. I am glad that I can now refer others to Dr. Mathews’ course, “Master Your Public Speaking Fear—Online Course”! This course fits the bill for those who wish to master the fear that often accompanies public speaking. This course is multifaceted and holistic: it provides education about the source of the anxiety, teaches about how the body reacts to the anxiety, and shows ways to reduce those feelings. There is also the opportunity to practice public speaking and build skills while interacting with other learners through a Skype-like online learning environment or “SpeakMeister clubs” (Practice! Practice! Practice!). What a great way to increase confidence, reduce stress and build skills! The course itself is professionally done and the website very easy to use. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Kudos to Dr. Mathews and SpeakMeister!

 by Robert H. Rich, Ph.D., CAE, DTM on Master Your Public Speaking Fear - Online Course

Since public speaking fear can be a major impediment to success, it is important that people with this fear attempt to bring it under control. Dr. Mathews’ online course on “Master Your Public Speaking Fear” is the most comprehensive and approachable exploration I’ve seen of the origins, remedies, and actions you can take to address speaking fear. Whether your fear is speaking with big groups or small, the understanding provided by the course should help you to better manage your fear. It teaches a nice theoretical and practical basis to reduce fear, and to begin to practice in lab environments (such as Toastmasters or a SpeakMeister Group) that train your body and mind to be less fearful.

I recommend it for all those speakers who feel held back by fear.

Dr. Cheryl Mathews’ course is of great help if you seek to gain control over your fear of public speaking. I benefited greatly from her scientific research behind the fear all communicators experience. By revealing what happens in the brain to cause anxiety, Dr. Mathews shows that your fear is both common and manageable. If you experience paralyzing anxiety at the thought of public speaking or simply wish to gain greater confidence as a communicator, I highly recommend this course.

In my role in education, I can relate to the fear that comes with public speaking. This course gives insightful understanding of that fear and provides specific achievable steps for overcoming it. In fact, it is apparent that the principles taught in this course apply to other fears that we might face as well. The combination of clear teaching, helpful graphics, short learning segments, interactive feedback, and opportunity to practice creates a powerful and effective learning environment. This course has something for the seasoned speaker who wants to keep improving his/her craft and for the inexperienced presenter who knows the advantages of learning to speak well. Thank you, Dr. Mathews, for this much-needed educational tool. I will recommend it to many!

This course provides an understandable and comprehensive description of the physiological mechanism behind fear of public speaking. By understanding how and why it happens, the student can learn to control and overcome the programmed biological response. It also include specific actions and next steps to gets started on that path. A great resource for anyone who wants to understand, and then overcome, their fear of public speaking.

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